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  • YARA-Signator - A project for fully-automatic generation of code-based YARA signatures
  • SMDA-Reader - JAVA Library for importing and operating on SMDA Disassembly Reports
  • java2yara - JAVA Library to generate YARA rules as output based on given input sequences

  • RetroDump - Memory Dumping Tool for Windows XP 32/64bit, PoC for paper Memory Dumping For Fun and Profit (DE only!)
  • Search&Destroy - Multithreaded, high scalable Google Hacking tool for Bing, Startpage, Ixquick and Google (Currently abandoned)
  • WLAN Keygen - an old Project for calculating default vendor passwords

  • 2019-12-06 Botconf: YARA-Signator - Automated Generation of Code-based YARA Rules (PDF)

  • 2019-12-06 Botconf: YARA-Signator - Automated Generation of Code-based YARA Rules (PDF)

  • MA: Thesis - Capability Analysis on Malicious Software (PDF)
  • MA: Labreport - Prototyping a recursive ARM Disassembler for Memory Dumps (PDF)
  • MA: Seminar - Challenges of Recovering Binary Disassembly (PDF)
  • MA: Labreport - Improving YARA-Signator for effective Generation of code-based YARA-Signatures (PDF)
  • MA: Seminar - Address Space Layout Randomization in Linux 4.19.19 (PDF)

  • BS: Thesis - Automatic Generation of code-based YARA-Signatures (PDF)
  • BS: Labreport - Memory Dumping For Fun and Profit (de) (PDF)